Agents performance

  • Total assigned - is a metric used to measure the number of chats that have been assigned to a customer service agent. It can be used to measure the workload of an agent and to identify any potential issues related to chat volume. This metric can be used to ensure that agents are not being overloaded with chats, which can lead to longer wait times for customers and lower quality service.

  • Avg. response time - is a metric used to measure the speed at which a customer service agent responds to a customer's inquiry or request.

  • Avg. chat duration - is a metric used to measure the length of time that a customer service agent spends on a chat conversation with a customer.

  • Satisfaction score - is a metric used to measure how satisfied a customer is with the service they received. It is typically based on a customer's rating of their experience on a scale from 1 to 5.

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