Automatic rules

Rules are managed by 3 logical statements: Event(When triggered) , Condition(IF passed), Action(Then execute)

When - This is the main component of the rule, an event that has to be triggered to make an automatic decision. Currently, following events are supported:

  • Conversation Created - as soon as a customer initiates a new chat.

  • Operator Joined - as soon as the agent joins the chat to answer a customer in real-time.

  • Conversation Closed - as soon as chat is ended.

  • Conversation transferred - When conversation is transfered to another operator.

  • Customer has been unresponsive - if a customer has been unresponsive for a specified time. Most probably action would be closing a chat.

IF - A condition under which a specific event has to become true so that action can be executed in the THEN statement. Different events have different conditions, and there can be multiple conditions combined with logical and / orOperators

  • No bot message today - a 24 hour condition check if bot message has not been sent already that day

  • No current trigger today - a 24 hour condition check if any current triggers are applied today.

  • No users - check if no operators are assigned to the current conversation.

  • Department is closed - check if department is closed(non-working hours).

  • Department is open - check if department is open(working hours).

  • Widget name - if there are multiple widgets for different websites, then condition can be passed to a specific widget.

THEN - An action that has to be executed if a specific event is triggered and condition check is passed.

  • Action is sending a specific message, closing a conversation, or combining both.

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