Spam visitors can be blocked based by there id or public IP address

  • Blocking by ID - visitor will be blocked from initiating a chat from the same browser, unless they clear the cookies or initiate the chat from incognito / private tabs, in such case they will be allowed

  • Blocking by IP - visitor will be blocked based on their IP address, take into consideration that Public IP may be shared on some specific location / offices so use this option with caution or you may risk blocking other visitors as well.

  • Expires at - after the expiration date visitor will be unblocked automatically. By default it is one day, but agent can select any range in the future.

  • Agent Name - name of an Agent who initiated the blocking of the visitor.

Go to the Blocked page and press padlock icon for blocking or unblocking the visitor

Block customer by IP: navigate to the Blocked page, press "Block Customer" padlock icon and choose block by ip.

Block customer by ID: During live chat conversation press Gear button and Block the visitor.

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