Pre-chat survey

Is used to collect user information before opening the chat

A pre-chat survey is used to gather information from customers before they initiate a chat session with a customer service agent. It typically consists of a series of questions that are presented to the customer before they begin the chat. The questions can include name, email preferences and other relevant data. The purpose of the pre-chat survey is to gather information that can be used to personalize the customer service experience and improve the overall customer engagement.

Element input types:

  • text - used for collecting short texts from visitors, for example: Name, Lastname

  • textarea - used for collecting large texts from visitors, for example: Description, Comments.

  • email - used for collecting visitor email addresses.

  • number - used for collecting numeric inputs, for example: mobile number, id numbers or codes

  • Display - this field should be activated to enable the input field for the visitor.

  • Required - this checkbox makes the field mandatory, meaning that the visitor will not be able to initiate a chat without filling it out.

  • Delete - should be used with caution as it will remove the field and any data associated with it. It is important not to delete the field after you have begun collecting information from real customers, as it may result in loss of data.

You can add multiple fields and display them or hide based on what information you want to collect from your visitors

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